1.  Call to Order: Chairman, James Rizzuto

     (Instructions for those in attendance for benefit of court reporter)

2.  Review and revisions of agenda

3.  Reports of Officers

          A.  Chairman – James Rizzuto

          B.  Vice-Chairman – Randy Hayzlett
          C.  Recording Secretary and Treasurer – Stephanie Gonzales (defer to item 10)
          D.  Operations Secretary – Bill Tyner (defer to item 9)
          E.  Assistant Operations Secretary – Kevin Salter (defer to item 9)

4.  Reports of Federal Agencies
          A.  U.S. Geological Survey
          B.  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
          C.  U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

          D.  National Weather Service

5.  Reports from Local Water User and State Agencies
          A.  Purgatoire River Water Conservancy District
          B.  Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District
          C.  Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District
          D.  Colorado Parks and Wildlife

6.  Compact Compliance / Decree Issues Updates
          A.  Ten-year Compact Compliance Accounting table (2008-2017) – Joint report of the States
          B.  Colorado’s PDF (presumed depletion factor) Evaluation

7.  Report of Special Engineering Committee

8.  Report of Engineering Committee
          A.  Report from December 6, 2018 meeting – Scott Brazil
          B.  Engineering Committee recommendations

9. Report of Operations Committee
          A.  Report from December 6, 2018 meeting – Hal Scheuerman
          B.  Operations Secretary Report– Bill Tyner
          C.  Assistant Operations Secretary Report – Kevin Salter
          D.  Offset Account Report – Rachel Zancanella
          E.  Operation Committee recommendations

10. Report of Administrative & Legal Committee
          A.  Report from December 6, 2018 meeting – Randy Hayzlett
          B.  Recording Secretary and Treasurer Report – Stephanie Gonzales

          C.  Administrative & Legal Committee Recommendations – most actions will be deferred to Item 12

               (concurrent with appropriate action item)

11. New Business

12. ARCA Action Items
          A.  Approval meeting minutes
          B.  Financial Matters
          C.  Resolutions

          D.  Officers & Committee appointments
          E.  2019 Annual Meeting - set date and location

13. Public Comment

14. Adjourn

ARCA Annual Agenda

FRIDAY, DEC. 7, 2018, 9:00 am (CST)
Clarion Inn, Garden City, KS
TENTATIVE AGENDA (subject to change)
Presiding:  James Rizzuto, Chairman


Arkansas River Compact Administration (ARCA)