Arkansas River Compact Administration (ARCA)

In the Special Master’s Fourth Report it was concluded that a moving ten-year period provided a reasonable check on the effectiveness of the Colorado Use Rules as they relate to preventing material depletions of usable Stateline flows. In the moving ten-year period the first year in that period will drop off and the most recent completed H-I Model year will be added on.

Ten-Year Compact Compliance Accounting Tables

2006 Table (1997-2006 period)

2007 Table(1998-2007 period)

2008 Table (1999-2008 period)

2009 Table(2000-2009 period)

2010 Table (2001-2010 period)

2011 Table (2002-2011 period)

2012 Table (2003-2012 period)

2013 Table (2004-2013 period)

2014 Table (2005-2014 period)

2015 Table (2006-2015 period)

2016 Table (2007-2016 period)

2017 Table (2008-2017 period)