What is the Arkansas River Compact?

Agreement between the States of Colorado and Kansas on the waters of the Arkansas River Basin. More

How was the Arkansas River Compact Administration created?

Compact Article VIII established the Arkansas River Compact Administration (ARCA or Administration) as an interstate agency to administer the Compact provisions.  

How are the members of the Administration chosen?

Each state has two local water users (resident and water right holders) and a named ex-officio as representatives. The President of the United States appoints a federal representative (non-voting). Each state has one vote to act on items that come before ARCA. The Compact provided a basic framework from which the ARCA flushed out with bylaws consistent with the Compact.

Colorado Representatives 
Ex-officio — Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) Director 
local water user — Water Districts 14 or 17 
local water user — Water District 67 

Kansas Representatives 
Ex-officio — Kansas Chief Engineer 
local water user — Finney, Kearny, or Hamilton county 
local water user — Finney, Kearny, or Hamilton county 

*local water user — resident and water right owner in specified area. 

What authority does the Administration have?

Compact Article VIII. B. provides that “The Administration shall have power to:

Adopt, amend and revoke bylaws, rules and regulations consistent with the provisions of this Compact; 

  1. Prescribe procedures for the administration of this Compact: Provided, That where such procedures involve the operation of John Martin Reservoir Project they shall be subject to the approval of the District Engineer in charge of said project; 
  2. Perform all functions required to implement this Compact and to do all things necessary, proper or convenient in the performance of its duties.”
What are the standing committees of the Administration?

The By-Laws of the Arkansas River Compact Administration set out the following committees:

  • Administrative and Legal
  • Engineering
  • Operations

Each committee is made up of two representatives of the Administration (one from each State).  In addition, the Chairman sits on each committee as an ex-officio member.  More…