The By-Laws of the Arkansas River Compact Administration, Article V.3. provides that “The standing committees shall have the following duties: 

(a)   The Administrative and Legal Committee shall advise the Administration with respect to budgets and accounting, office personnel, equipment, records, and legal matters; and shall prepare the draft of the annual report of the Administration. 

(b)   The Engineering Committee shall advise the Administration on all engineering matters; and shall compile all pertinent engineering data and records. 

(c)   The Operations Committee shall advise the Administration concerning, and shall have direct supervision over, rules and regulations governing the storage and releases of water from John Martin Reservoir and over such other Arkansas River interstate administration and operation between the States of Colorado and Kansas as come within the purview of the Arkansas River Compact, subject at all times to the provisions of such compact and the directives of the Administration thereunder. This committee shall be responsible for maintaining appropriate relations, under the direction of the Administration, with the chief officials of each of the States of Colorado and Kansas charged with the administration of water rights, and for maintaining appropriate relations with interested Federal agencies. The Operations Committee shall also be responsible, under directives and orders of the Administration, for supervision over the employees of the Administration engaged in the interstate administration of the waters of the Arkansas River pursuant to the Arkansas River Compact. “

2023 Committee chairs and members

Administrative & Legal Committee
Chair – Rebecca Mitchell
Member – Zachary Gale 

Engineering Committee
Chair – Earl Lewis
Member – Scott Brazil 

Operations Committee
Chair – Lane Malone
Member – Troy Dumler